Watermelon Tote Bag design is in process!

Hi friends!

If you like watermelons and tote bags, this design is for you. I love a good watermelon in the summertime – so cool and refreshing on a hot day.

So far, I’ve had to frog this design only once (frogging a crocheted project means ripping out all of the stitches that you worked on for hours…). I got through 15 rows of the base, then 22 rounds of the body of the bag and realized I had miscalculated how many stitches I needed in the round. When I started crocheting the first round of the seeds, I realized I was ONE STITCH SHORT of having equal spacing between all of the seeds. Needless to say, I was not happy.

I took the whole bag apart so I could start over. I wasn’t pleased with how large it was turning out, anyway. I had made the base of the bag way too wide, so I guess this mistake ended up working out for the better. It just sucks to have to frog something I’d been working on for several hours. Oh well! It’s all a part of the design process, I suppose.

This pattern is scheduled to be published on May 27th, so stay tuned! I’ll be writing up the first draft of the pattern this weekend and will be needing some pattern testers to start working on the bag this Monday. Pattern testers need to be able to complete the project within 2 weeks and give feedback on their experience. This feedback is super important for me to make the final pattern perfect!

If you’re interested in testing the Watermelon Tote Bag pattern, please fill out the form below and I’ll send you the application! Please note: I only need 10 testers per pattern. If spaces are filled for this pattern, I’ll put you on the wait list for the next pattern testing opportunity.

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