About Me

Hi, everyone. My name is Angel, and I’m addicted to crochet.

I learned to crochet from my Grandma Purkey. She was a mother of 11 and still found time to crochet clothes for babies in need. Grandma Purkey was basically a superhero. She taught me the fundamentals of crochet when I was a child, and although I’ve known how to crochet for many years, I didn’t start taking it seriously until she passed away. Her passing was extremely difficult for me, but I found that crocheting in remembrance of her made me feel better. So here I am, years later, crocheting my heart out to make Grandma Purkey proud.

I hope to document and share my progress as an artist by using this blog. Wish me luck!




2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am so proud to hear the impact that my mother, your Grandma Purkey, had on you. She made me very proud when I heard about “Mary’s Mission” which is what they called what she did for her church. The little children would hug her to thank her for the hat or other item she made. Good luck with your website!

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